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How to choose between red, white or green kratom

So what are the big differences between red, green and white kratom and how should you choose a kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) strain for your needs? Here at we offer not only red, green and white strains, but each of those can be from different locations like Bali, Sumatra, Borneo, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand or Indonesia. We also carry the most popular variety called Maeng Da (originating from Indonesia or Malaysia), which also can come in red, green or white vein.

Sounds confusing right? Here is a quick reference for you to help you decide based on the alkaloid content of each strain that can offer energizing, calming/tension relieving, or mild energy boosting. Just remember that the color matters more than the origin for the desired effects.

White Vein

White vein varieties are energizing and contribute to a positive mood. Here at Chili Heads Glass & Vape we carry White Sumatra and White Maeng Da. White strains are good “daytime” strains if you experience any drowsiness from red or green varieties.

White Sumatra: Energizing and uplifting

White Maeng Da: Energizing and pain relief

Red Vein

Red kratom varieties are at the other end of the spectrum from white veins in that they provide a more relaxing effect while also offering pain relief.  Red Bali/Borneo and red Maeng Da have the same alkaloids, but in different concentrations and strengths with Maeng Da being the strongest variety.

Red Bali/Red Borneo: Mild stimulation, relaxation, sedation, analgesia, positive approach, euphoria.

Red Maeng Da: Strongest red strain offers the strongest effect and is used for opiate withdrawal relief. Red Maeng Da is for pain relief, energy, high stimulation, relaxation, rejuvenation, focus, concentration, opiate withdrawal, relief against insomnia.

Green Vein

Green vein kratom is considered in-between red and white as it offers both energizing and relaxing effects. Since green can offer multiple effects, it is considered the jack of all trades variety.

Green Borneo: Green Borneo maintains a steady metabolic rate and can help with digestion, relieving constipation and nutrient uptake. It also excellent for pain relief ofjoints or migraines.

Green Maeng Da:  Strong effect, mood enhancement, energizing. This strain has been dubbed “smooth green” or “super mojo hippo” by some.
So in summary, each strain and origin of kratom can offer different effects and are used for different purposes. You should not exceed 5 grams of any of these because it tends to give you a dizzy sensation akin to being drunk. Do not operate motor vehicles while using any kratom strains.

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