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How to determine the quality of a glass pipe

I'm buying a glass pipe and I want the cheapest pipe that is made of glass, is perfect size and is unbreakable! There, now that this has been resolved we can go onto other blog topics. Just kidding. If I could invent a pipe like this I would patent it and win the High Times award and Cannabis Cup award for best pipe of the year, then I'm going to sell it for under $20 each.  Obviously we have to choose which features are most important for us and usually have to eliminate what is least important.
We have:
Inexpensive pipes. These are usually smaller or made in China from an inexpensive borosilicate glass. Pipes like this can be clear or colorful but the main issue is that they are more breakable than a pipe made from US Pyrex or European borosilicate. Chinese borosilicate pipes are a very good option for someone on a budget.

Strongest pipes. The strongest glass pipe is the US Pyrex pipe which is a borosilicate glass originating in the US. These pipes can be clear, scientific glass or colorful heady glass. They are strong because of the glass material, thickness, welds and size/shape. This type of Pyrex is a very expensive raw material, especially if it is colored glass so it comes at a price even if the pipe does not look any different from a Chinese pipe. If you want the strongest pyrex glass pipes, this will be something that is thick like an inside out pipe that is shorter with no weak points or glass welds. If it has any welds then it should be double-welded and not just torched and stuck together like many pipes. The holes in the bowl are blown and not drilled through. One important point to remember is a thin pyrex pipe (US made) is stronger than a thick Chinese pipe.

Pipe shapes and sizes. So the the other thing to consider is the size and shape of the pipe. Long, thin pipes are more breakable than shorter pipes. Pipes with joints and welds in them, for example where a stem joint connects to a water bong, can have weak points if the weld is not very strong. For example, this 12" water pipe by Renegade sells for $125. It has a very good double-welded joint and is a 9mm thick US-made Pyrex water pipe. It is VERY strong. You can compare this to some Chinese 9mm thick 12" water pipe that sells for $55. That's over twice the price for a pipe that looks identical to the eye. If there is any color involved in this or some heady work in the pipe it can triple or quadruple the price from there as well.

Other pipe materials. Other pipe materials can offer increased strength at a low cost. At Chili Heads Glass & Vape, we carry metal pipes, silicone pipes and water pipes, onyx stone pipes, wood pipes and acrylic pipes. These alternative materials are popular but glass is still considered the preferred material for is ability to cool the smoke, its attractiveness and the lack of taste it imparts on the smoke.

I hope this has been informative for you and assists you in your next purchase of a pipe! 

Vaping is the healthier alternative to smoking

Here I'm going to talk about something almost nobody in the vape industry has been talking about and that is the idea that BIG TOBACCO is trying to influence the public to think that vaping is more harmful than smoking. Many people who are thinking about quitting smoking and starting vaping are getting paid-for information that is being advertised to them about how vaping is going to give them "popcorn lung" or their vape pen is going to blow up in their face or that it's simply uncool dorks who vape. All of these nightmare ideas are very far from the truth. Nobody has ever gotten popcorn lung from vaping and your vape pen is not going to blow up on you. Popcorn lung gets its name from workers in popcorn factories who breathed a large amount of diacetyl from the popcorn and caught a disease from this. This was from a much higher concentration of diacetyl than what smokers inhale from smoking cigarettes and cigarettes have about 200x the diacetyl of what some e-liquids had in them. NONE of the e-liquids we carry have ANY diacetyl and most of these were taken off the market. By the way, some of the biggest infractions of e-liquid containing diacetyl were from big tobacco companies. 
All of our vape juices are USP grade and kosher. We stock mostly local hand-crafted e-juices made in Colorado. Many of these are highly-acclaimed and well-recognized brands. None of our e-juices have any diacytyl or other harmful chemicals that some vape juices have been found to have. 

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